Simené Walden

Simene’ Walden, also known as The Student Teacher, is an Educator, Publisher, International Speaker, Book Coach, and an Amazon Best Selling Author. She helps educators and leaders tell their stories unapologetically through written and verbal communication.

The ABC’s of Simene’ The Student Teacher are A for Academics, B for Books & The Bible, & C for Coaching & Crucial Conversations. 

Simene’ had been recognized as a distinguished educator for 16 years of providing an excellent education to students in underserved urban and rural communities. Simene’ has a strong and undying commitment to students labeled “At Risk” but are “At Promise” by increasing equitable achievement outcomes using progressive strategies and evidence-based systems for measurement.  She helps to establish and maintain a positive professional working relationships with school leaders, principals, assistant principals, colleagues, students, and families. 

She delivers dynamic, heart wrenching, and thought-provoking workshops, presentations, and professional developments for small groups, whole groups, and individuals based on need and dynamics.

Simene’ assist others in speaking their stories by hosting live and in person events, conducting online radio interviews, featuring other speakers during her social media events, providing opportunities for authors to write their own books to becoming co-authors in her author lead anthologies, or other being featured on her written blog.

Simene’ has been featured in The Roanoke Chowan News Herald, FOX 40 News, ABC 21WFMJ, FOX 43 WTNZ, Topeka Magazine, Voyage ATL, and the Glambitious Magazine to name a few. 

Simene’ Walden was featured on Good Morning Washington during the summer of 2019 representing the non-profit organization as the former President of the Maryland Chapter of Black Educators Rock.

The Student Teacher understands the power of your thought life and heart posture that impacts your speech. Simene’ Walden speaks life and has already helped over 200+ women and a few distinguished men to do just that. If you are looking for just a publisher, Simene’ is not the one, but if you are looking for a publisher who will not just help you publish your story, but will help you carry your story, connect with her today.

Simene’ assist new writers and authors with faith based book coaching and publishing, text editing, braille transcription, speech & storytelling assistance, testimonial cultivation, and course & curriculum development. Simene’ also provides small group coaching for those who are ready to unmute and unmask. She hosts masterclasses and courses  for those who want to write and publish. 

Unmuting and Unmasking your story or part of what leads you to Becoming Pretty Healed & Handsomely Whole. 

Pretty Healed & Handsomely Whole apparel line was birthed in prayer. It was through reading the Word where Simene’ would find phrases and slogans that stood out to her. Those words became daily affirmations and declarations. When she saw how impactful they had been in her own life, she wanted others to experience that same joy. This is more than an apparel line; this is a daily affirmation. It was created with other men and women in mind. Simene’ wants to see millions of others proclaiming their healing and wholeness too. 

Your words will meet you in your future. Let the work you are doing and the words you are speaking now, match where you are headed. 

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