Mark Jackson, II

Mark Sweeney Jackson II is a highly sought-after keynote speaker on the subject of financial literacy and business success principles. He is a financial mentor, motivational speaker, and a professional real estate investor. Raised by his mother along with his 3 siblings in New Orleans, Jackson has always had an uncompromising passion for financial literacy. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed his hometown, he enlisted in the United States Air Force for five years. His service to his country took him all over the globe including residing in Tokyo, Japan. As a decorated veteran, he won numerous awards including Air Force Airman of the Year. Jackson continued his government career and service to his country with the U.S. Department of Defense for seven years. During this time, Jackson studied real estate as well as finance and completed his B.A. in two years.

Author of the International Best-Selling Book “Read Me or Stay Broke” Jackson oversees all acquisition investments for M&C Real Estate LLC. He continues to be the driving force that manages a variety of real estate transactions totaling millions of dollars. Through his company Sweeney & Sons Consulting LLC, he also serves as a financial consultant for many notable organizations.

A proud father of two sons, and a dedicated volunteer Mark is well-known in his community as a YMCA Basketball and Baseball coach. Mark S.  Jackson II is at the peak of his career. His wealth of knowledge and his generous spirit has made him a continuous source of inspiration. Jackson has truly found his life’s purpose in assisting his clients achieve their financial goals. Through his personal appearances, books, classes and products he instills the power of financial literacy to thousands of people every day.