Dr. Tommy Watson

Dr. Tommy Watson is one of America’s leading experts on turning transitions into triumphs! Considered a leading authority on resilience, change, motivation, and leadership, Dr. Watson inspires millions with the unique and charismatic way he articulates his rags-to-success story. His life of resilience, hard work, and perseverance will inspire any audience. Dr. Watson’s hardships include (1) living with parents who were heroin addicts and shoplifters (2) his mother being arrested 11 times during his first year of birth, (3) living in 30 different locations by the time he finished high school, and (4) being homeless when he was recruited as one of the top football players in the nation. This astonishing journey provides the foundation for the powerful principles Dr. Watson teaches today to individuals and organizations. Dr. Watson attributes his success to the power of resilience. Despite the hardships and a learning disability, his amazing resilience, has led him towards academic and professional excellence. He has obtained four college degrees – including a Doctor of Education in Leadership with an emphasis on organizational change. And, equally impressive is his winning McDonald’s Corporation’s prestigious leadership award bestowed on top leaders in management.

Dr. Watson inspires and motivates individuals and organizations to be of their best by turning all transi-tions into triumphs! He urges leaders towards new ways of thinking and helps them to access their untapped potential. Dr. Watson delivers practical and engaging speeches that have an audience laughing one minute and learning timeless truths of success the next.

For the last 20 years, Dr. Watson has commanded a room like no other and leaves audiences in awe! He has inspired and motivated millions of people by drawing on his experiences as a star athlete, corporate manager, effective school leader, and successful entrepreneur. Whether delivering his team building messages to a corporate audience or the staff in educational institutions, Dr. Watson delivers the spark to ignite the burning passions! He connects with his audience in a way that empowers them to face chal-lenges and change in their own lives with renewed confidence and resilience to succeed. In fact, it’s this innate ability to inspire and inform audiences that has afforded him the moniker “Dr. Inspiration”TM. 

Featured on television networks like Fox News, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The Big Ten Network, Dr. Tommy Watson is a bestselling author, speaker, trainer, and executive and professional coach. He is dedicated to helping indi-viduals and organizations become resiliently unstoppable in every area and willingly shares his knowledge on how to harness and apply the power of resilience so that every listener can become a resilient champion!

Known for his engagingly personal approach, his messages are both dynamic and inspiring. Dr. Watson’s diverse client list includes groups wanting motivational speakers who both educate and entertain. He has taught organizations (corporations, schools, non-profit and government agencies) and individuals how to bounce back from challenges and turn adversity into advantage. He has coached them to discover proven techniques and strategies for greater success in resilience, change, motivation, and leadership.

His latest book, The Resilience of Champions: Secret Habits of Highly Resilient Individuals and Organiza-tions,chronicles the personal experiences that shaped him to be the resilient champion that he is today. The award-winning book reveals the secrets of success contained in the journeys of peak performers such as Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, McDonald’s and Mary Kay Cosmetics. The Resilience of Champions describes how readers can use key habits of resilience to make their individual and organizational dreams come true.

He is also the author of the award-winning book A Face of Courage- The Tommy Watson story, which chronicles Dr. Watson’s life growing up in extreme poverty in the inner cities of Denver, CO. Dr. Watson resides in Charlotte, NC.