Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 100 Black Men of America’s Virtual Conference?

The 100 is hosting its 35th Annual Conference virtually. This is the second year the conference has been presented as a virtual event, due to Covid-19. It is our goal to keep attendees safe, while creating the best education and empowerment sessions possible Conference participants will learn from national leaders across many industries, all very passionate and committed to educating and empowering youth, their families and the communities in which they live.

What time will the 100’s conference take place?

The 2021 conference will take place on Thursday, June 17th through Saturday, June 19th. Please check the website for session start and stop times.

Who can attend the 100 Black Men of America, Inc.’s 35th Annual Conference?

The conference is a free event, and it is open to everyone who registers during the open registration period. This conference is meant to bring people together to experience panel discussions, town halls, and webinars with thought leaders who are transparent, authentic, and who are driving the tough conversations our country must have in order to positively move forward.

Where will the Virtual 35th Annual Conference be held? Is it open to global audiences?

The summit will be held virtually but an access link will be required to enter the broadcast. Everyone who registers will be sent the login information prior to the start of the conference. The work of the 100 has been global for many years and we welcome the global community to join this event.

On the event date, how do I log in to the Virtual Conference?

When you receive the confirmation email you will have an option to save the event to your calendar. Use the access link for admittance to the virtual conference.

If I log off during the day, will I be able to rejoin the event?

We are excited to have you join us for the full experience or for as many sessions as you can. Feel free to attend as you wish and use the access link throughout the 3 days.

Will session recordings be available after the conference?

All sessions will be recorded and made available. Due to the post-production process, the release date is yet to be determined.

How do I get a deserving youth a mentor?

Visit the 100 website and check for a local 100 chapter in your area to inquire about mentoring opportunities. Find a Chapter.

I am a member of the media; how can I contact the 100’s public relations representative?

Contact 100 Black Men of America, Inc. at