Rodney Pelt, Sr.

Candidate for Southern District Representative

Why The 100

This is my way of serving my community and networking to serve a greater cause with other phenomenal role models. The work of the brothers in the 100 inspired me to utilize my time and efforts to build a more positive, caring, attentive, and outreach to create productive communities. After joining the West Alabama Chapter in 2013, I was recently elevated to President in 2015 for my tireless work within the communities of West Alabama.

By way of the 100, I am continuously inspiring our community to work closer together, transform the culture within it, and operate a people-centric focused community, serving the needs of the people and rebuilding communities in West Alabama.


Rodney Pelt, Sr. is founder and CEO of Mind Changers, Inc., motivational speaker, published author, and community leader for social change. Mind Changers is a non-profit organization established to motivate, empower, and encourage young men and women through mentoring and various resources. Pelt believes there is a need to reach out to the community to mentor young boys and girls because of the absence of positive role models at home and within the community.

Pelt was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and raised in one of the poorest counties in Alabama. Upon leaving the county, he returned to Tuscaloosa with a desire to help the community. He is a retired Army veteran with sixteen (16) years of service. During his military career, Pelt recognized his real potential to help others apply greatness to their lives as he learned in his own life.

As President of the 100 Black Men of West Alabama, Inc., Pelt established key partnership with local colleges and universities. Those partnerships include: Stillman College (HBCU), Shelton State Community College (HBCU and 5th largest community college in the state), and The University of Alabama (Flagship University). During the COVID-19 coronavirus Pandemic, members of the West Alabama Chapter are connecting virtually to ensure the services are continuing for the community. We are seeking new opportunities and collaborating within the business industry to improve the quality of life in West Alabama.

West Alabama has multiple counties ranked in the bottom tier of the state’s 67 counties. Based on this, Pelt created mentoring collaborations in school districts across West Alabama including Wilcox, Sumter, Tuscaloosa, and Perry Counties. The mentoring program focuses on the holistic approach for mentoring 200+ students in helping each mentee reach his or her goals.

Pelt, along with the 100 Black Men of West Alabama, Inc. and Mind Changers, Inc., received the 2019 Whitney M. Young, Jr. Service Award from the Boy Scouts of America Black Warrior Council.

The United Way of West Alabama awarded Pelt the “United in Service Award for West Alabama Young Leaders.” He serves on the Boards of Directors for the Sickle Cell Association of West Alabama, West Alabama Coalition for the Homeless, and is a member of the Non-Profit Council of Tuscaloosa. Pelt is graduate of

Leadership Tuscaloosa, a cohort of leaders selected by the Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama to advance leaders in the region.

As a husband to Marshae, father to five sons– Damarius, Rodney Jr., Jordan, Gabriel and Warrior– and grandfather of three– Trinetty, Dairion, and Tristan, Pelt’s inspiration and passion often starts at home.

One of his most rewarding accomplishments was becoming a published author. His book entitled It Never Fired: A Story of Pressing Through Life’s Toughest Moment was published in 2019. The book is written to give hope or direction to those who are faced with life’s toughest moments.


  1. Create a database of funding sources and opportunities for the local chapters.
  2. Cross-pollinate ideas/programming/planning in the District.
  3. Enhance communication among the District and the National Offices.
  4. Conduct and/or host quarterly meetings for the District.
  5. Establish a training platform for future Leaders within the Southern District.
  6. Build stronger relationships among chapters in the Southern District.


As the Southern District Representative, I plan to work as part of a team to establish a shared vision for the future of our organization. I will develop goals, provide clear vision, and work with colleagues and constituents that will ultimately lead to accomplishments. To be elected, will show my dedication towards serving others.

Under my leadership, the Southern District will rise to the challenge and begin shaping our shared future to align with the National mission, values, and vision. I will work tirelessly to enhance not only the Southern District but all of our National chapters as well. We will continue to work others have done, that has paved the way for a district we can be proud of.

I am reminded of a quote from NBA Legend, Tim Duncan: “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”

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