Acey Byrd

Candidate for Secretary

To whom much is given, much is required of them. While we may not see it this way, we should be trying everyday to beat GOD Giving!!

Greetings to the chapter network of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc Currently, I am serving in my third consecutive term on the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. National Board of Directors. After, eight years of service, my perspective of our value has changed. We all know the outcome of doing the same thing over and over, looking for a different outcome!

If not now, then when will we do things differently? I believe Change is inevitable, Growth is optional! My name is Acey Byrd and I want to earn your vote for Secretary of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc. National Board of Directors.

My position has personally allowed me to see and observe what we look like across the country and I have seen what we’ve become over those years. To make any change one has to first acknowledge that a change is needed. While not universally obvious to some, it is necessary that proper and on-time reporting to the network happens in a timely manner.

My ability to capture detail will allow for real-time distribution of information. The use of new technology will allow for real-time distribution of vital resources and information to the network. This new platform will give every member the feeling of inclusion and being part of the organization that they help build. In this way they will see themselves as part of the solution and true stakeholders. My construction background and oversight of the development other companies has allowed me to be proactive. It also helps me anticipate what direction we must undertake in order stay on course and not have mission creep. I have learned that staying focused and committed to the mission allows for preservation of accurate records.

Serving three consecutive terms has been an honor provided me by the network. I have been able to use and grow my talents in the education space to assist chapters all while also raising a substantial amount of resources each year. As Secretary you have your hand on the pulse of the organization and I believe the responsibility to keep every elected official dutifully apprised. We all know from time to time information can be misunderstood and even more reason why more than simple note taking in an organization this size can and has produced its own share of challenges.

When looking ahead as a collective we need to be empowered and inspired to except changes. Our brand identifies us as “The 100 As One!” meaning we should have the same heartbeat when it comes to serving and allowing our collective to be productive in our communities. It is important to consider and value the underserved. We must lead by example so other black institutions can see and respect our value, our brand and each other in the spirit of brotherhood. One Mission, One cause, One Network! If we are making constant adjustments to how we disseminate information, this will prove to cause discord among the body and erode the trust given us by the power of the vote. As Secretary transparency is critical, especially while we recover from COVID19 and since our time together has been limited.

100 Black Men of America. Inc. is large organization with often considerable distances between chapters. Our success as a network is dependent on full transparency and the accuracy of detailed information made available to ALL members. No one of us is stronger, smarter, capable, then our Unity.

God Bless each of you for not growing weary in your well doing!

Acey Byrd For Secretary!

About Acey Byrd

Acey Byrd is the founder and president of Byrd Enterprise, a conglomerate that combines a thriving construction enterprise with philanthropic and community-based supports to revitalize distressed neighborhoods in Indianapolis.

Based in the heart of Greater Indianapolis, Byrd Enterprise is one of the state’s largest minority-owned floor covering company’s, a venture Mr. Byrd began in 1997.  The company has generated millions of dollars in revenues and boasts a list of projects which includes some of the city’s most significant structural  advancements the past two decades.

A passionate leader with a keen focus on community empowerment, Mr. Byrd has directed significant resources from the Enterprise venture toward investment in the community to support adequate housing, mentoring and education reform with an emphasis on K-12.

Specific community engagement initiatives under the umbrella of Byrd Enterprise is Youth Under Construction and Community Revitalization through Youth Empowerment (CRYE). These two programs offer Indy youth ages 17-28 mentor and potential job opportunities in the construction field.  Created in 2000, these programs are designed to address the critical need for wrap around interventions and skill development opportunities for at risk African-American males and convert them to “youths of promise” a term Mr. Byrd has coined. To date, the programs have positively impacted the lives of over 1500 young men. 

 To address educational challenges that stifle poor and minority student achievement, Mr. Byrd created EdFit Indiana Inc. in 2016.  As a non-profit organization EdFit is committed to ensuring our most underserved students and families are afforded the necessary tools to access high quality educational options. Through EdFit, Mr. Byrd has spearheaded local and national efforts to stimulate awareness and advocacy of high-quality school options focusing primarily in the communities deemed most difficult to reach where students languish in struggling school environments. Currently, serving as Chief Of Staff at the Edna martin Christian Center over seeing  35 employees and control of the center’s 4 Million budget.

Mr. Byrd’s other civic engagement includes his long-time service and leadership with the 100 Black Men or America as an elected member 3 consecutive terms of the 100 BMOA National Executive Board and as Past President of the 100 Black Men of Indianapolis.  He has also served as President of Trailblazers LLC and was past Operations Director for Rebuilding Together, that identified leaders in business and construction to help revitalize targeted neighborhood homes with an initiative they termed “a single day of service”. He is a dedicated member New Beginnings Fellowship Church Ministries and serves as the sound engineer. He also mentor’s 5th grade students in Indianapolis Public Schools. 

Mr. Byrd has been recognized and is the recipient of many awards and accolades to include The Governor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Community Service and the United Way Adult Community Service Award, among several others.

A proud family man, father and grandfather, Mr. Byrd continues to reside in Indianapolis with his wife, Denise.

Mr. Byrd has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems from Indiana Wesleyan University.